The Beretta Stoeger X20 S2


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The Beretta Stoeger X20 S2
The Beretta Stoeger X20 S2 features the newly designed silencer and housing. Synthetic stock design with ambidextrous cheek piece and rubber recoil pad. NEW SILENCER TECHNOLOGY S2 A redesigned breech that is fully CNC machined provides the S2 series guns an extremely solid lock up and tight seal that promotes accuracy and efficiency to attain most velocity possible out of the high precision rifled barrel. DUAL STAGE TM effect, more fluidity by AFC (Air-Flow Control) technology to reduce muzzle noise. Synthetic stock design with ambidextrous cheek piece and rubber recoil pad. Available in .22 Caliber. Kit Includes Beretta Stoeger 3-9X40 Parallax Adjustable scope, Gun Bag, Pellets and Targets.
Beretta Stoeger is exclusive to ‘Youngmans Sporting Guns’ in Great Yarmouth as the official Beretta(GMK)account holder.

Dual-Stage Noise Reduction System (Silencer)

By combining the functions of an internal air-regulator ring and baffles that work in tandem, noise is reduced better than any other airgun on the market. The air-regulator ring has four decompression holes that bleed off most of the compressed air before the pellet even enters the baffles. The remaining compressed air dissipates throughout the baffles further reducing noise. When tested in a certified anechoic chamber by F-Squared Laboratories, an independent testing facility, Stoeger's X20 Suppressor proved to be as much as 7.05 decibels quieter than the competition's "quiet" airguns. In velocity comparison tests the X20 Suppressor not only achieved the highest average velocity among the tested airguns, but also, produced the most consistent velocities, important for attaining optimum accuracy.

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